The Portable Spray Foam Portal

Helping you find your way through the maze of portable spray foam confusion

One of the great advantages of being a lean start-up technology company is that decisions can be made very quickly, some times in a matter of hours. In what may be one of the boldest moves of our 7+ year existing, Sealant Technologies, Inc decided to redesign our entire spray foam equipment website. The website which was focused entirely upon presenting the prototype machines which we had been designing and building has been converted into a portal that now features ALL of the small portable spray foam machines that are currently in the market today. We also decided to keep all of the information about our prototypes on the site so that we could demonstrate that our company has taken the lead in the entire discussion. You can view that new design by clicking onto the logo below.

Also, we are excited to announce the introduction of the prototype of the Spray Foam Hybrid, which is the low pressure spray foam machine which is now a working prototype only after 9 months of development. Most people are unaware of how lean start-up technologies work, especially in the spray foam equipment industry. Normally it can take years of time, money and planning to launch just one new type of machine. At Sealant Technologies, Inc we think in terms of weeks or months. The Spray Foam Hybrid was conceived, designed and then a working prototype was built in exactly 9 months. This means that this new spray technology is almost ready for manufacturing and could be brought into the market in a very short period of time. Now all we need to do is to find a strategic partner who would like to work with us……..but that is a discussion for an entirely different blog post. So check out the Spray Foam Hybrid by clicking onto the photo below.

So, now that this new spray machine and portable have been built, we get focus on the launch of the Spray Sealants Gun. We have already had a very warm reception from many of you regarding that new spray technology. We are looking at opening up our online store which will be called the Spray Sealants Store in about 45 days. You will be seeing that we will be offering both a Do-It-Yourself ( DIY ) and a Professional ( Pro ) model. The professional model will not go on sale until probably April. Both guns have an unlimited opportunity to really expand the one component foam sealant market and you will be hearing more about those in the coming month.

Spray Sealing A Bass Boat?

Does your bait well scare off " Big Jake "

During the development of the Spray Sealants Gun, a close friend of mine asked if he could spray and seal the bait well on his bass boat. Not being a bass fisherman, I asked him why he would want to do that. ” Well Bill, you see that when I am running about 50 MPH over the lake, my bait well makes a ton of noise because it is not sealed up and I am pretty sure that Big Jake can hear me coming “.  Of course, I knew that he was joking, but I wanted to take him on with his challenge, so I was able to get him one of our prototype Spray Sealants Guns and some Black Foam Sealant. He already had the air compressor and because he is a pretty handy guy, he all of the rest of the tools that he needed to make the project work.

When he sent me this video, all I could tell him was that I was quite impressed by not only his ingenuity, but also his skill at using a Go Pro camera. He was able to use the Spray Sealants Gun and apply black sealant that coated the entire bait well and then it also sealed the well from additional water leaks. It took my friend about an hour to prepare the bait well for spraying and then another hour to spray the entire project. When he was done, he told us that he was ” looking for other things to spray ” it was that much fun.


The Spray Sealants Gun For Canister

The opportunities are endless!

For more than 40 years, there has not been an innovative way to apply one component canister foam as a sealant, until now. Introducing the Spray Sealants Gun for canisters. This simple solution to an age old problem which uses pressurized air to create spray sealants that will save time and money on every project. It’s compact, easily portable and great for all those hard-to-reach areas in which traditional foam kits cannot be readily used. It’s a handy addition for your energy efficiency toolbox.

Because of it’s unique features of the Spray Sealants Gun, it gives the applicator full control of the spray sealant and allows consistent applications of thin beads of black or white spray sealant. It allows almost anyone to do a lot of touch-up quickly and since the sealant itself sets up within 30 minutes, it’s possible to work within a tight timeline so that you can get in and out fast.

Traditionally, there have only been two choices: Bead application and spray application. Some one-component polyurethane materials are easy to apply but are not designed for spraying. For sealing joints, seams or cracks, a one-component foam or canister sealant has been successfully used for 40 years. Projects that require a two-component foam kit are usually more complicated and expensive. While bead application has been effective solution, it is not as effective as a spray application.

Spray sealant applications expand sealing cracks and crevices deeply and thoroughly when applied correctly. This means that spray applications are more effective, and projects are not likely to require any repeat application. Another property of spray sealants and is that they cure upon reaction–much faster than the bead method. Therefore, surfaces can be restored for use quickly.